Welcome To Isla's Whisky & Spirit Bar
Located In Stockbridge, Hampshire


We would love to welcome you in to our Little Whisky and Craft Spirits Bar set in the Little Whisky Shop in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

We offer a massive selection of Whiskies, Gins and other craft spirits alongside some local beers, ciders and wines.

We have a space for about 20 people inside and an additional 20 outside.

We believe whisky should be drunk.  We therefore have a selection of limited edition releases that are very difficult to get hold and rather than sell the one bottle we are often only allocated, we have decided to open it and put it behind the bar for many people to enjoy.

Availability varies constantly, so please take a look at the whisky menu to see if you can spot some of the hidden gems we have available.

Latest In

  • Whitehall rose

    Whitehall Charlotte May Rose 2020 175cl

  • Whitehall rose

    Whitehall Charlotte May Rose 2020 Bottle

  • Whitehall

    Whitehall Bacchus 2019 English White Wine 175cl

  • Whitehall

    Whitehall Bacchus 2019 English White Wine Bottle

  • Ardbeg-AN-OA

    Ardbeg An Oa 2.5cl

  • Lindores

    Lindores Abbey Casks of Lindore 2.5cl

  • gM-Ledaig-1

    Gordon and MacPhail Discovery Ledaig 12 Year Old 2.5cl

  • Placeholder

    Wee Smoky Single Grain

  • Mackmyra-vinterglod

    Mackmyra Vinterglod 2.5cl

  • Korsbarsrok

    Mackmyra Moment Korsbarsrok

  • SDtjarnrok

    Mackmyra Stjarnrok 46.1% 2.5cl

  • Thunder-Flower-Dry-Gin

    Thunderflower Devon Gin

  • The River Test Sunset Citrus Gin 2.5cl 42%

  • pink-mermaid

    Isle of Wight Pink Mermaid Gin 2.5cl

  • mermaid-gin

    Isle of Wight Mermaid Gin 2.5cl

  • Gorilla-Silver-Back-Mountain-Str-Gin

    Gorilla Silverback Mountain Str 46% 2.5cl

  • The-Lakes-Gin

    The Lakes Gin 43.7% 2.5cl

  • Stillers silk

    Stillers Silk Roots 0%

  • Apogee 12

    Bimber Apogee Pure Malt Whisky 12 year old 2.5cl

  • Growing wings

    Cardrona Growing Wings Solera 65% 2.5cl

  • Atopia

    Atopia Spiced Citrus Low Alcohol Spirit 2.5cl

  • Lakes-pink-Grapefruit-gin

    The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin 2.5cl

  • knut-hansen-dry-gin

    Knut Hansen Dry Gin 2.5cl

  • Figgy pudding

    Tarquin’s Figgy Pudding Gin 2.5cl

  • Tarquins

    Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin 2.5cl

  • Colonel single barrel

    Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon 50% 2.5cl

  • Stagg

    Stagg Jr Bourbon 130.9 proof 2.5cl

  • Weller 12

    Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon 2.5cl

  • weller

    weller antique 107 proof Bourbon 2.5cl

  • benchmark

    Benchmark Old No.8 Bourbon 2.5cl